Ivan Razine

Blog owner of, SFMC Developer at ENGIE Electrabel, Brussels, 36 y.o. My journey with Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC) has started almost 3 years ago. I used to be a Consultant. After about 1.5 years working for my first client, ENGIE Electrabel, I applied for an internal position at ENGIE and was accepted. I was […]

Multi-Factor Authentication

You’ve probably noticed a pop-up message that appears from the recent times once you login into your Marketing Cloud instance telling you to enable Multi-Factor Authentication aka MFA. Why should you enable it? How to do this? You will get all needed information in this article. Currently having MFA enabled is optional but will turn mandatory in the near future. So, better get […]

Personalization Strategy: How you should define one

As digital marketeers, we notice the shift from pushing general content and non-personalized campaigns to delivering personalized experiences and understanding what our customers want. One-to-one personalization is the approach that will give you competitive advantage right now and, in the future, will be a ‘must’ for all companies dealing with the customers. It is bound […]

Meet SFMC Behavioral Triggers

What? Behavioral Triggers start from Behavioral Marketing or Behavioral Targeting – the way you reach out your customers using their past actions and behavior. As examples could serve running a specific targeted ad campaign for a precise audience segment, real-time product/service/article recommendations on your web showed to a visitor, retargeting ads, and others. Once a […]

A story of DESelect

What is DESelect, who invented it, how the idea went to life?  DESelect is an app for Salesforce Marketing Cloud (SFMC)  that makes segmentation easy for marketers. It was created by Jonathan van Driessen (our CTO) and I. The idea to create an app like this came to me in August 2018, when I still […]

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